emmuhpie lol I don't know what's wrong with society. Me, myself attended the Secret Cup yesterday and I have never seen so many nasty comments online - even had an Ex bash on me thru text. Can't a girl just enjoy herself ? There's a reason why I don't partake into the cannabis industry. I don't care about the bullshit....I just wanna enjoy myself !! All of u are so concerned about followers & likes....I DONT GET IT. the anxiety I receive & the emotional impact this stupid app has should NEVER affect a human so much. Live a real life w/ a real job....don't get high n post pics u guys c'mon 1mon
  •   budboy87 @emmuhpie ppl are nutjobs 1mon
  •   tehbigmoose @db_206_ wowzers keyboard warrior. So you repost her post to her followers about that stupid shit because you felt like she was attacking you and all the growers doing things right? Looks like somebody didnt start thinking from square one. Blatantly points to those in it for the money that are not doing any good for patients or the future of the industry. You loop in the likes of the well known growers who are procreators of neohistorical strains and obviously well respected people. You both have valid arguements but not when your trying to compare apples to oranges. Idk mang #smokeweedaboutit 1mon
  •   tehbigmoose And its INSTAGRAM drama he stirred up, no other grower was sitting there steaming about it calling some random person a dumb bitch over and over. You want to make a good arguement out of it you dont start by cussing everyone out, actually talk and have a level head dont go BITCH PLEASE FUCK YOUR HANDBAG WHAT DO YOU KNOW. 1mon
  •   cannablyss Lmao for real, I couldn't agree more xD 1mon
  •   libre_forever @emmuhpie :) like! 1mon
  •   divine_smokes Would you be interested in being a rep for our business 4w
  •   pabro95 Dank feed!! 4w

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