1000littlewords 10 Interesting Facts About Trains.

1. Although wagons have been used for over two thousand+ years, the first modern trains were developed and used in Great Britain during the early 1800's.

2. The longest continuous train route is the Trans Siberian Express Railway Line extending some 5,700 Miles+ from Moscow to Vladivostok!

3. The fastest train speed currently belongs to the Shanghai Maglev Train which connects Shanghai Airport to Shanghai's Metro Area at a whopping 268mph!

4. Other than walking and riding a bicycle, the train is still one of the most Eco Friendly modes of transport available....Until mass produced electric cars change all that.

5. The largest railway station in the world by number of platforms is New York's Grand Central Station with a gigantic 44platforms spread out over 48 acres.

6. The worlds heaviest train on record was an Australian Freight Train that weighed over 86 Million KG!

7. 70% of all train journeys in England begin and or end in London.

8. The United States once had a massive railroad network which stretches some 250,000miles from coast to coast and many points in between. Today those lines have shrunk down to under 170,000 miles and is mostly used for transporting merchant goods these days.
9. It takes a train about a mile or more in length to come to a complete stop.

10. Almost everything we use on a daily basis was on a train at one point in time.

Shot Taken in the Nevada Desert, 2014.

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1000littlewords Same truck as my last photo on the same day, but using a different camera. First one was shot with an IPhone5s, this one was shot with the Sony a6000 with a 50mm Prime Lens at F22 and 1/8sec. This shot reminds me of something from Transformers, perhaps Optimus Prime comes to mind, although he is missing the trailer. I got excited upon seeing this sunset cause we rarely get thick cloud coverage during the intense summer in Nevada. But when we do, the results are spectacular for shooting sunsets and sunrises. Since taking up photography two years ago, I have a deeper appreciation for observation in general but even more so for the things I would have otherwise not given a second thought to, such as this truck parked in a seemingly barren and ugly desert lot. Photography has changed the way I look at the world for the better I think and in the process it offers an inexpensive hobby that you can involve yourself in anytime and anyplace. For traveling, it's become an indispensable activity, for life, it's become a silent, colorful and powerful teacher.

Nevada Desert, 2014.

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1000littlewords A solitary Semi Truck sits in the desert lot near the Centennial Hills area of North Las Vegas. The sun blazing amidst thick cloud coverage heightens the mood of the shot. One of the most beautiful sunsets witnessed in the Las Vegas Valley in recent years. Tonight could be another repeat performance.
North Las Vegas, Nevada 2014.

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1000littlewords A beautiful setting sun colorfully illuminates the Balinese Coastal Skies. Off to the left, the masterfully carved out cliffs of the Hindu Temple area of Tanah Lot, plays host to many eager tourists and locals alike gathering to take pics and bask in one of mother natures most glorious spectacles.
Bali, Indonesia 2014.

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1000littlewords From my backyard to yours, happy birthday, Young Nation. Nevadan Desert, USA 2014. 7d
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  •   terrynoeladams This'll be my second work in print , the first was the snail . Yeah I'm apprenticing under one of the best tattooers in vegas for atleast 5 years. I actually still don't know what I'm going to do for the cat book so hell yeah email my any ideas or pictures you got!! 6d
  •   1000littlewords Oh that's right, forgot you had the snail piece published! Man isn't it a great feeling to actually hold a publication of your art in your hands and sharing it with others? 6d
  •   1000littlewords Dude that's awesome man! I know it's been a hobby that's turned into something much more for you. Respect to you man for chasing your dream and not giving up on it. 6d
  •   1000littlewords I was thinking an illustration of a Leopard. Have you ever seen the Nat Geo Doc "Predators At War"? Google that man. There's this powerful scene were this leopard is surrounded by a family of Hungry Lions Desperate to get the Leopards fresh kill. If you watch it, I think that scene will jump out at you. It's simple and powerful. 6d
  •   terrynoeladams Haven't seen it but sounds right up my alley! I'll check it out 5d
  •   1000littlewords @terrynoeladams Man it's one of the best Nature Docs about wild cats I've ever seen. 5d

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1000littlewords What would the World
Would Be Like If
Bali Didn't Exist?

It would probably be a shade less colorful. 🔆
Surfing would be a tad bit boring. Tropical Drinks would be ordered less and less in non tropical environments. Hippies would have one less place to hang in South East Asia. Indonesia would not get mistaken for being the country next to Bali!

Bali, Indonesia 2014.

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1000littlewords Who's that peeking in my window?
The Desert, Somewhere, USA 2014.

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1000littlewords This shot was taken on a 12 hour Train Ride from Jakarta to Yogjakarta, Indonesia. Myself and @cincinaroma saw a variety of different environments along the way, beautifully green and lush rice fields, wide open flat, arid farm lands, mountainous and seemingly endless rainy terrain, along with an endless array of characters hoping on and off along the way. Everyone should ride a long distance train trip at least once in their lives, if anything it's a good test to see how well you can entertain yourself or others in a cramped metal tube going at break neck speed. And if you have company, it's definitely a good test to see how well you actually can get along with each other:) Java, Indonesia 2014. 2w

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1000littlewords Osaka Castle looking ominous with a darkening sky and gigantic crow flying next to it. A must visit spot for anyone visiting Central Japan. A place with a huge historical significance in regards to the unification of a once divided nation. Many battles were fought over around and for this little magical piece of land, the progression of Japan as it is today would probably not have been possible without the events that occurred here. Sure it's a beautifully piece of architecture in a very strategic area of Japan... But it's hard to grasp how important the area is until you head to the top of the castle and gaze down on the panoramic view of Osaka itself. Stunning.

Osaka, Japan 2014.

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1000littlewords What goes up, will eventually come down. For the sake of the Spanish National Football Team, could today be that day?

Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

Barcelona, 2012.

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1000littlewords Pan Fried Flat Bread Chorizo and Egg Pizza, with Stewed Grapes, Balsamic Vinegar, Cherry Brie and Roquefort Blue Cheese.
Damn tasty and super easy to make.

1. In a saucepan on low heat, combine 1/4 cup of Chorizo, 1/3cup of Red Grapes and 1tsp of Balsamic Vinegar till grapes soften.

2. Prepare Flat Bread or Wheat Flour Tortilla in a Pan on low heat, add three eggs on top of the tortilla and coat the tortilla with the egg white, try to keep the egg yolks centered as much as possible.

3. Sprinkle Chorizo/Grape mixture on top of the Tortilla and add Softned Brie, Crumbled Blue or Gorgonzola to taste. I say about 1/4 cup total is good.

4. Cover Pizza with a lid on low heat. and let sit until the egg yolks start to firm or develop a film. And that's it!

Let me know what you guys think.

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1000littlewords This is a photo of @cincinaroma looking out from the rocky shore side of Potipot Island in the Philippines.
The epitome of a deserted island escape, Potipot Island has it all. White Fine Sand, Clear Blue Water, Vibrant Marine Life, Lonely Drift Wood, Rocky Tide Pools and not a single Hotel.
Close to what at one time was the most militarized sea port in all of South East Asia in Subic Bay, Potipot is a short five minute speed boat ride away from the murky black sands of the surrounding Zambales Province Coastline.

If you are planning on visiting Potipot Island, here are some useful tips on how to get there and where to stay

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Normal Rodino Ayala
1000littlewords Here's an intimate shot I took of a Butterfly gathering inside of the Bellagio Hotel Conservatory and Botanical Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada. ------------------------------------------
Butterflies are fascinating creatures. There are other insects that go through metamorphic stages in their lives, but in my opinion none are as dramatic as the butterfly life cycle.
Here are some interesting facts about butterflies I did not know.
1. Butterflies cannot take flight if air temperatures fall below 55F.
They become paralyzed and vulnerable to predators and usually huddle together to generate heat for perfect flying conditions. (Not unlike what they are doing in the photo)
2. A Butterfly must assemble it's own mouth structure as soon as it emerges from it's Pupa.
The mouth (called the Proboscis), comes in two separate parts that is held together by a type of adhesive found in the Pupa. The butterfly uses the Proboscis to feed on Floral Nectar and other liquids throughout it's lifetime.
3. Butterflies are near sighted creatures, but are capable of seeing in a variety of colors including ultraviolet light, which comes in handy when they need to identify members of it's own species that have ultraviolet markings on it's body.
4. Butterflies are related to Crabs and Lobsters!! How???!!!
Butterflies are Exoskeletal creatures much like Crustaceans and it's hard body structure is kept together on the outside to protect it's vulnerable softer parts internally and to also serve as a glue for it's overall physical structure.
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1000littlewords The light streak you see in this photo is from a speeding train in the middle of the night time desert landscape near Nellis Airforce Base in North Las Vegas, Nevada.
I was out taking some pictures on the tracks when without warning, a Train came speeding towards me, I had about 10 seconds to grab my backpack, camera and cross over two sets of tracks before the train blazed pass me. ------------------------------------------
Full of adrenaline, I managed to compose myself after my death escape and catch the light trail just as the tail of the train was passing by.
If you never felt the power of a fast moving machine in the quiet of the wide open desert, It's quite the rush, even more so when it's coming straight at you! ------------------------------------------
Free from distractions, it's you and machine. The screaming sounds of several thousand tons of steel chugging at the speed of 3 Cheetahs, with the thump of a thousand Angry Mongolian Conquistadors on Horseback!!
And it's you, fragile with camera in hand and no baby wipes no clean your inevitable mess.....
---------------------------------------Damn! ---------------------------------------What would you do?
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1000littlewords This bronze sculpture titled “If It Isn’t One Thing, It’s Your Mother", is one of many outdoor art installations that dot the sidewalks along the tiny downtown stretch of Boulder City, Nevada.
The project has been ongoing for several years now and features the work of artists from all over the country. Each piece is displayed for a whole year before being auctioned or bought off by private buyers. ---------------------------------------
---------------------------------------Educational Photo Walks Worldwide

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1000littlewords This food truck belongs to the deliciously awesome dessert masters over at Chilly Jilly'z in Boulder City, Nevada.
These folks serve up some fine malts, homemade frozen yogurt and ice creams with many flavors to choose from.

For those of you planning to visit Las Vegas, do yourself a favor and spend a day in Boulder City.
To me it's where the true spirit of the Las Vegas Valley Community lives and it's quite the contrast compared to the neon glitz and plastic shine of the Las Vegas Strip.
The town regularly holds community events and block parties with live entertainment, killer food and some of the best sunsets in all of the west. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam is a short car ride away, as are many excellent biking and hiking trails.

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1000littlewords Do you have a favorite moment of the day?
If you are like me, the moments after the sun falls below the horizon would be your favorite time.
Those special moments that can take us back to childhood by looking at a transforming sky turning from a dark or light blue into a rainbow if colors and textures which resemble the carnival candy we loved as children.
The memories become even more apparent when the right amount of clouds dot the sky.
If you are like me, you also enjoy the vast openness of the desert landscape, you have a deeper sense of the weirdness, the magic, the unknown that is our planet, because your senses are free from distractions out here......Well there is sometimes wind and the occasional car that passes by, but it does nothing to detract...instead it adds to just how awesome the moment actually is.
If you are like me, you also enjoy when your eye can compare the vastness of the desert against a solitary man made object, such as this truck.
Your eyes go back and forth from the truck, to the sky, to the mountains, then back to the truck again. All the while you are silent, you are calm, you experience the moment with child like wonder. And this happens, Every. Single. Night.

Las Vegas, 2014

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  •   1000littlewords @clmdo Thank you! Your food looks delicious, next time Im in Puerto Rico, I'll have to check you out. 1mon
  •   marit_hov Oh, I'm not like you at all, but your pic and text facinates me. Where I live, there is no desert, just hills and mountains. In summer the sun sets close to midnight, and in the winter as early as about 2-3 pm. I love the light summer nights, though, when the birds sing almost all night and the dew falls to revitalise all vegetation. Amazing how different our parts of this wonderful world is! And so wonderful we can use IG to connect and learn about each other's worlds! 1mon
  •   1000littlewords @marit_hov Im flattered by your comment, thank you for taking the time to read the story, perhaps at times they are a bit long, and I do appreciate when someone reads them:) In regards to your environment and observation, I can only imagine at this point what it must be like to see less of the sun, and to see it set in the middle of the day must take some getting used to even for you who lives in that area. I agree with you in that it is amazing how we can be in different parts of the world and communicate almost instantly. This has changed the world and will continue to do so, it's a beautiful thing:) Have a great rest of your weekend. 1mon
  •   cincinaroma Um....my favorite moment is everytime I get a chance to talk with my madu;) 1mon

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1000littlewords Self Portrait Silhouette near the house...How did I do??? snapwalkers.com

Las Vegas, 2014.

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1000littlewords If you have ever taken a road trip from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam, chances are good you have passed by Chilly Jilly'z Cafe in Boulder City, Nevada.
If you've never stopped in to get a bite to eat or to try one of the many frozen dessert options. I highly suggest you to do so on your next trip to the Vegas Valley.
I recommend getting the Peanut Butter and Banana Malt Shake.
It's thick, loaded with chunks of banana and peanut butter with just the right amount of whipped cream and malt that doesn't overpower your taste buds with sweetness. A 20oz Shake costs about $6-7 and is sure to fill you up for several hours.

The staff at Chilly Jilly'z like many restaurants and businesses in the Boulder City Area are friendly and laid back. It's quite a stark and admittedly refreshing contrast to what you typically would find on the main stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard.
You can find more information about Chilly Jilly'z by visiting their website:


Boulder City, Nevada 2014.

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1000littlewords The sun blazes with color as it sets from our view near the California Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. As we were walking to go have a family dinner with some 20 or so relatives visiting from California and Hawaii, I was stopped cold in my tracks at the sight of the setting sun down the Ogden St. After taking a few shots, this being one of the better of the bunch, I met up with my family to eat some good Hawaiian Plate Lunch Favorites at the "Aloha Specialties Restaurant" on the upper floor of the casino. The California Hotel has been catering to people from Hawaii for well over 25 years and it seems at least a few times a year my family ends up meeting some relatives from the Islands there. The same order of things seems to happen after we meet up, we eat, we laugh and reminisce about the old days and then every body want to go to sleep afterward, feeling fulfilled by conversation, fantastic food and most importantly the company of those you love.

Las Vegas, Nevada 2014

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