rudyrunster Chè. Pronounced (Chè) 3y
  •   ochinatownd LOL! 3y
  •   holagato Lol yum that sounds so good right now! Ffffff 3y
  •   schultav What is that? 3y
  •   rudyrunster @hellok1tty haha, hella delicious that's all I gotta say 3y
  •   rudyrunster @schultav it's a Vietnamese dessert. There's a lot of different ones, I got the red bean, taro, green jelly with coconut water juice. Hella good 3y
  •   summer_wu_ So many flavors get together!!! Hope I can find the delish drink here!!! 3y
  •   rudyrunster @cheeerykimo I'm pretty sure you can! Taiwan does it big too! 3y

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