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Hefe anneculp
anneculp HuskyFest 2k12 2y
  •   cathybritt You're on campus?? Did I mention I work there now and would love to meet up with you? :) 2y
  •   anneculp @cathyabritt are you still here? 2y
  •   cathybritt Just left a bit ago. We will see each other next time! I love working on campus. 2y
  •   anneculp @cathyabritt we were at HuskyFest on red square. Are you coming tomorrow? 2y
  •   cathybritt I'll be there tomorrow but for school. :( I'm in class 9:30-2ish. 2y
  •   anneculp Yeah. I definitely won't be @cathyabritt Freemont Troll Stroll? 2y

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